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Duraflex Basmati Special

Duraflex Basmati Aluminum Special

Our Products

Utmost Quality
Duraflex Rubber Roll made up with it’s latest technology combined with its superior chemical formulation as made by our teams of chemists gives an utmost performance which is far ahead from any other brand in the industry.
We are an ISO-9001:2000 Certified Rubber Roll Company.
Manufactured with most advanced plant and care it gives trouble – free shelling without any air bubble problem.
Due to its innovative chemical formulation, Duraflex can stand high degree of heat.
Duraflex Rubber Roll goes through number of tests before it reaches to our customers.
Each piece it thoroughly checked also in final stages before it is packed relating to its Dimensions.

It is a one stop solution for rice millers looking only for least broken of rice. Specially formulated for rice mills using Basmati, 1121, Steam rice and paddy. It is a big hit amongst KARNAL, HARYANA, PUNJAB, U.P, MADHAYA PRADESH belt of rice mill exporters. It also has a finding for itself in parts of Chhattisgarh also.
It has a hardness of 88+/- 1 Shore.
Rubber thickness is 24mm +/- 1.
It is only available in newly 100% balanced aluminum drum.