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Rice Rubber Roll

How to make the best use of Rice Rubber Roll?

Before starting check that the moisture content of the paddy should not be more than 14%.Adjust the alignment of the rubber roll and remove any grain present between the rollers before starting the machine.Clearance between the roll should be adjusted to 0.5mm from each other.Immediately after starting the machine if the efficiency is less than 90%, then reduce the clearance to meet efficiency of about 90%-95%.The rolls should not be locked in this position.While operating the machine the feed gate above the rollers must be kept fully opened so that the rollers will wear out uniformly.As the rice rubber roll starts to wear down check the efficiency at a regular interval.Clear the roll of paddy and close the feed gate before switching off the machine.Before turning the rice rubber off check that there are no grains between the rollers as this would deform the rubber. Spare rolls must be stored in a dark room and packed well to protect them from direct light and sudden temperature changes.